Reverse Culture Shock

During the pre-departure meeting through the Study Abroad Office, they spoke about the reverse culture shock. I sat there and laughed to myself, thinking how I was going to be different from everyone else and would not experience this shock. How could coming back to your home country cause such an adverse effect? While abroad,... Continue Reading →


5 Reasons I Loved Studying Abroad in London

In general, the whole 6 months in London was an enthralling experience. Even after a year, I cherish every moment that stood out to me while I was there, and I just wish I could go relive my times there. Therefore, I can go on and on about how pleasant the whole journey was, but... Continue Reading →

How to Avoid FOMO while Studying Abroad

Dottie Porter '20 is a junior environmental science and German major at Elizabethtown College. She studied abroad in Marburg, Germany, which includes a pre-semester portion in Vienna, Austria. Like many students, Dottie had to overcome the feeling of missing out (FOMO) while studying abroad. Her first biggest struggle abroad involved taking pictures. She was so focused on... Continue Reading →

New Zealand Living

I believe my urge to travel started in high school, when I participated in an exchange program with students from Spain. It was a lot of fun and I really liked my two weeks living in Toledo, Spain, but I decided to switch it up in college and chose to live in New Zealand for... Continue Reading →

Going Abroad: Expectations vs Reality

Liuba Miranosava '20 is a junior accounting major and French minor at Elizabethtown College. She is working towards her CPA licensing and hopes to work at a public accounting firm in the future. She chose to study abroad in Strasbourg, France so she would have the opportunity to stay with a host family. Her time... Continue Reading →

Personal Development Abroad

Occupational Therapy major Meghan Matje '20 considers herself a writer, adventurer and geek. She had the opportunity to study abroad in Dunedin, New Zealand. This opportunity taught her valuable life lessons. New Zealand is the filming location of Lord of the Rings. These movies were an important part of Meghan’s life growing up and taught her... Continue Reading →

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